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The Handbook and Guide

How to be a leader of a local community.

It consist of two different parts.
The first one include different chapters regarding the role of leaders in local community development, description of the method of mentoring between local leaders, good practices in orga-nizing this kind of mentoring, questionnaire research results as well as other key resources. The second one focused on recommendations for the NGOs and other institutions working at local levels on how to implement the proposed mentoring model.

The aim of the handbook is to support people over 50 in their special role as community leaders.

The training materials

The training for the local community leaders.

The training kit consists of seven sessions. The kit contains training material to help trainers, current and future community leaders, examples of good practice and other useful resources, as well as suggestions for evaluating the training.


E-Learning Course

An online course designed for future leaders, leaders and other community activists.

The course consists of two modules divided into sessions:

1.The role of local community leaders in community development.
2.Mentoring between local community leaders.

Each session is presented with easy to follow step-by-step guidance with clearly defined goals and objectives.
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A look at the lives of the elderly in the EU today.

by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. (

  • What is the share of the elderly who use the internet at least once a week?45%
  • What is the share of the elderly aged 65 to 74 years who are economically active? 9,5%
  • What is the share of the elderly who travel?48,8%
  • What is the share of the elderly who live alone? 32,1%

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