Project Results

The Handbook and Guide:

How to be a leader of a local community

Its objective is to support people over 50 in fulfilling their specific role as local community leaders: building networks between people and institutions, strengthening trust in local community and developing effective work for the be-nefit of the common good.

It will consist of two different parts.

The first one will include different chapters regarding the role of leaders in local community development, description of the method of mentoring between local leaders, good practices in orga-nizing this kind of mentoring, questionnaire research results as well as other key resources. The second one will be focused on recommendations for the NGOs and other institutions working at local levels on how to implement the proposed mentoring model.

The training modules will be designed to be used as workbooks, self-paced guides, reference manuals, handouts as well as job aids.

The training modules and the training kit:

The training for the local community leaders

The training kit will consist of an introduction, several independent training modules,handouts for the trainer, examples of good practices and other useful resources as well as a proposal of the training evaluation.

The training modules will be designed to be used as workbooks, self-paced guides, reference manuals, handouts as well as job aids.

Training Modules


  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
Chapter 1

1 – The role Leaders of the Local Community play in Community growing.

Chapter 2

2 – Leadership theories and styles

Chapter 3

3 – Community development and leadership

Chapter 4

4 – How to become a community leader?


  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
Chapter 5

5 – Mentoring method in the local community.

Chapter 6

6 – Helping adults to learn: Adult learning principles.

Chapter 7

7 – Ethics of Mentoring.

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting 12.12.2019, Krakow The first meeting in the framework of Local Community Leaders project was hold in Kraków, Poland, on December 12th. The meeting was organized by Krakowskie Centrum Zarzadzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o. (KCZIA), project coordinator. The meeting began with the welcoming and presentation of all partners. Each partner had time to […]

What have we done during the lockdown

What have we done during the lockdown For several months now, the entire world has been struggling with a new, completely unexpected situation – the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease outbreak has dominated all spheres of our lives. The beginnings were extremely difficult for everyone and, many unknowns in personal and professional life had an impact […]

Teleconference during Covid period

Teleconference during Covid period On 22nd of May, there were taken place the first LCL project members tele-conference. As this pandemic situation remains, we tried to overcome any co-corking obstacles by using technology and of course members good mood and optimism. There were participated all members except LAG representative. We discussed about projects’ current situation […]

2nd SC meeting in Lamia, Greece

2nd SC meeting in Lamia, Greece 12.09.2020, Lamia (Greece) 2nd SC meeting was held on Lamia (Greece) on 12th of September 2020. There were not attended all projects partners due to the epidemiological situation. To those partners who didn’t manage to attend meeting were being given the ability to participate remotely. Thus, while KCZIA (Poland […]

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