2nd SC meeting in Lamia, Greece

12.09.2020, Lamia (Greece)

2nd SC meeting was held on Lamia (Greece) on 12th of September 2020. There were not attended all projects partners due to the epidemiological situation. To those partners who didn’t manage to attend meeting were being given the ability to participate remotely. Thus, while KCZIA (Poland – Coordinator) were been represented by Krzysztof Karkowski and Dorota Karkowska (and Anna Raźny who participated remotely), BIMEC (Bulgaria) from Liubov Kirilova and Valia Dankova, Education In Progress (Italy) from Aldo Cammara, LabSTEM (Greece) from Ioannis Dimos and Anastasia Samara, partners who participated remotely were Car-men Sonia Duse and Dan Maniu Duse from ULBS (Romania), and Leticia Rodeño from MC2020 (Spain).

Actually, this was a blended type of meeting that came to fulfill new challenges arised from Covid-19 pandemic situation.



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